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Redirect Your Thoughts Sticker Sheets

Redirect Your Thoughts Sticker Sheets

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6" x 4" sticker sheets, 2 fun options with 8-10 positive affirmation stickers! Durable, weather-proof, and scratch resistant vinyl sticker sheets. $5 per sheet, shipping included when buying only stickers.

I created these stickers last week on a day that I could not. stop. worrying. I started making these stickers to distract me and I started to type affirmations that I needed to hear– “I am calm”, “I am not my thoughts, “I am loved”. I got more and more excited and the farther along I got with the stickers the less I was focused on the anxious thoughts. By the end of the day, I had created 2 sticker sheets!!

Stick them on your supplement bottles, water bottles, calendar, computer, wherever!

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