My Journey

I’ve been searching for answers since I was a child as to why I never felt well and seemed to only get increasingly unwell over time. Over my lifetime I’ve seen countless doctors and alternative medicine practitioners and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to figure out what was wrong with me. My life consisted of jumping from specialist to specialist, chasing my symptoms, all seemingly unrelated to each other.

After years of researching, completely changing the way I lived my life, and trying every treatment made available to me without much relief, I finally found a self-directed neuroplasticity program that would teach me the tools I needed to rewire my brain. I had many of the conditions listed on their website with the major ones being Lyme, mold toxicity, CFS, and migraines. I knew immediately I had found the answer and I started brain retraining right away. 

After a year and a half into dedicating myself to brain retraining I developed a solid understanding of what it means to have a maladapted stress response and how to rewire my brain. I've read dozens of books related to changing brain function, attended multiple Dr. Joe Dispenza events, and I've written and compiled pages of notes from everything I've studied. Through all of this, I decided to create a tool that would help me review all the brain retraining topics that I had learned in a way where I could digest them in bite sized pieces every day. 

I made these daily practice cards for myself originally, to keep myself engaged with my practice and to help me implement the brain retraining principles into my daily life. When deciding what to put on each card I thought to myself, what would be valuable to review every day? What should they say to provide guidance in a moment where I might need it? How could each card reinforce ways I can change my emotional state, thoughts and behaviors? How could these cards prompt me in different ways and keep me focused on a certain elevated emotion throughout the day?

So that's a little bit about my healing journey and the cards. I'm still dedicating every day to my healing, and if you'd like to follow my story I share my healing journey and things I've been learning along the way on my Instagram page. 

Happy retraining! 

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