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Brain Retraining Practice Cards

Brain Retraining Practice Cards

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The How I'm Healing Brain Retraining Practice Cards are a supplementary tool designed for people recovering from chronic illness.

Below I have provided one way to use these cards, however, I encourage you to experiment and use them in any way that feels right to you! You can shuffle them up and use them like you would an oracle deck or if you already know what you need at the moment, seek it out and intentionally choose the cards that you know will help you that day. 

I encourage you to pull the same cards as many times as you’d like, you will see that they can take on a different meaning depending on your situation. You could draw a card one day that might help you reframe your current situation, and you could draw the same card a couple of days or a week later and it might mean something totally different to you.

The deck includes 150 cards, categorized by five topics, including:

  • Positive Word of the Day
    Choose one card - either at random or choose a word intentionally. Can this word help you reframe a situation or change your association to something? How can it help guide your day?

  • Recovery Tools & Tips
    This category is intended to be digested in bite-sized pieces, daily. Read one tip per day and read it often throughout the day.

  • When You Have a Silly Symptom
    Since words are very meaningful and can trigger the brain to take well-patterned pathways it’s helpful to use the word “silly” instead of “bad”. Choose one of these cards if you find yourself needing a new perspective on how to handle your situation.

  • Redirect Your Thoughts
    Choose one card per day. Use the card suggestion to help redirect your thoughts.

  • Mood Elevation
    Choose one card whenever you need to elevate your emotional state.

Each category includes 30 unique cards. There is an additional card with instructions and tips. Cards are 2.5in x 4.5in, and are printed on 100# gloss coated card stock. Cards are shrink-wrapped. There is no box. Designed and printed in Boulder, Colorado.

All sales final, no refunds or returns. Please allow five to seven business days for your order to be fulfilled.

2 Additional Tips & Suggestions For Using The Cards

  1. Put the cards you choose for the day around the house for extra repetition!
  2. I keep my cards out on a countertop right outside my bedroom and go to them first thing after breakfast. I suggest finding a table or dresser that you can keep the cards on throughout the day to make it easier to re-read them.


Shipping Disclaimer
Some international orders might require a COD to cover import fees and customs brokerage. How I'm Healing is not responsible for the payment of those fees, and must be paid by the receiver.

The content and information found in the How I'm Healing Practice Cards is meant to be used as a supplementary tool to your brain-retraining practice. The cards are designed for those who are using neuroplasticity methods to work on limbic system impairments. The content in these cards is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment or advice, and is not intended to establish a standard of care. By purchasing these cards, you understand and acknowledge that you should always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health.

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